Postal Automation

Sorting your mail, easier

In the business of home delivery couriers, postal services continue to be a staple in the industry. However, with today’s electronic-savvy consumer, the volume of letter mail continues to decline. As a result, postal services companies are addressing a shift in demand from letter mail to flats and parcel as a primary market.

This diverse set of services requires a keen understanding of the automation technology capable of high-speed letters, flats and parcel sortation solutions. Mitsubishi Electric is a proud supplier of time-tested and industry-validated automation hardware. We assist the postal automation engineering companies to maximize their overall equipment effectiveness while providing a lower total cost of ownership.

Mitsubishi Electric’s iQ Automation Platform provides an intrinsic toolset, offering solutions for high-speed, synchronized multi-axes motion systems ideal for letter induct and sortation machinery. The inherent scalability of this solution addresses the demand for large-scale conveyor systems. iQ connects the entire operations over CC-Link IE, a deterministic, industrial hardened Gigabit Ethernet media. This network of solutions is ideally suited for high-volume data streaming, sortation and conveyor zone-control. It’s also ideal for the operation and control of multiple peripheral equipment.