Conveyor Systems

Communicate faster, better

As items of various shape and size on a conveyor transfer to other conveyors, coordinating placement is critical. Gappers must adjust conveyor speed without overshooting or undershooting moving items. That’s why Mitsubishi Electric’s communication networks transfer data quickly and synchronize control of multiple axes.

CC-Link IE is designed for ultra high-speed inter-controller communication. With this 1Gbps redundant Ethernet topology system, products transfer flawlessly to a new conveyor without delay. Run our QD Series modules on this network to gain the highest performance levels. From the 50 microsecond Q160 to the 10 microsecond Q172LX, we provide the fastest communication between CPUs.

CC-Link allows for high-speed access to I/O and other devices over long distances. CC-Link achieves speeds up to 10Mbps and bus lengths up to 1.2km. And you can achieve all this without repeaters. This is useful for diverters such as sliding shoe sorters that have remote I/O elements down the entire length of the conveyor system.

SSCNETIII/H is our innovative servo network that stops unwanted downtime and delays. This 150 Mbps system with bi-directional, high-speed communication eliminates data collisions. Because the network synchronizes servo amplifiers, controllers and other critical motion devices, your system coordinates the motion of two fast-moving axes in real time.