Baggage Handling Systems

Bags are always on time for their flight

In today’s airline industry, it’s absolutely essential to have technology that automatically and dynamically tracks and identifies the location of all checked baggage at any given time. For passenger safety and system reliability, the tracking of checked baggage throughout the screening and validation process is a pivotal step in creating an efficient and safe baggage sortation and delivery system. Mitsubishi Electric delivers a fully integrated solution for in-line, vertical and loop sortation systems all residing on a scalable high-speed, high-bandwidth industrial network.

Through Q Series CPUs, MR-J3 servo amplifiers and distributed I/Os, we’ve consolidated motion and sequence control. The compact MR-J3 servo allows for higher velocities at higher torque. We’ve even designed our A700 VFDs to achieve similar auto-tuning capabilities as the MR-J3 servo. As bags are added and removed from a conveyor, the A700 quickly adjusts to changing load conditions and speed fluctuations.

And with a Mitsubishi Electric platform, you can integrate RFID by using the serial interface of the Q Series. You can reduce errors, increase throughput and achieve scan ratios close to 100%.

The QD75 positional module offers up to four simultaneous axes for highly precise control. And it supports features such as linear/circular interpolation, speed control, positioning and speed switchover. From this module, you gain the needed applications that optimize baggage handling.