Automatic Guided Vehicles

Superior movement, superior flexibility

Distribution centers regularly face changing customer demands. Manufacturing environments generally demand heavy lifting. Sort floors are usually crowded, vibration-intensive areas. In all these settings, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are highly useful. Mitsubishi Electric provides the solutions that improve AGV performance.

Even with changing external disturbances, AGVs must remain stable yet make quick, precise turns. Integrating our automation platform into your floor ensures you get the most stable and fastest AGVs. Through our iQ Series Positioning and Motion Control modules communicating to the MR-J4 servos via SSCNETIII/H, you increase acceleration, deceleration and handling.

With Mitsubishi Electric automation technology behind your AGVs, you gain superior disturbance compensation and smooth, all-wheel drive. Our phase compensation function will adjust for time delays in the system, and it will allow multiple axes to move in synchronization. Our robust disturbance compensation improves overall responsiveness to meet the variable conditions of the floor. This function tunes external disturbances separately from the main PID loop.