Automated Storage/Retrieval

Quick in and out, no matter the load

Because automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) are all about maximizing space, you store items higher and higher on shelves. But at the right time, individual items must be found and delivered as quickly as possible. Mitsubishi Electric has the solutions to ensure efficient AS/RS.

Because AS/RS systems must accelerate to maximum speeds under varying load conditions, we designed the MR-J4 amplifier with advanced real-time auto-tuning technology. It automatically senses load changes and can alter PID gains accordingly. No matter the load characteristic, you can attain maximum performance when you utilize the MR-J4.

Power is also critical to AS/RS systems. Since stacker cranes lift, extract and traverse the stacks on drive wheels, they need energy delivered over long distances. Our FR-CVL Series of regenerative common converters provides the power over a DC bus configuration. Using the FR-CVL, you can also connect up to six Mitsubishi Electric VFDs.