Cutting energy use, not productivity

Our belief in the importance of sustainability is reflected in our product line of energy-saving devices. We also haven’t forgotten about your need for efficiency, productivity and low operating costs.

Mitsubishi Electric provides hardware and software solutions that allow a single machine, a line or even an entire factory to be monitored and analyzed for energy usage. These tools provide the opportunity to assign an energy value to every product produced. With this information, operations and engineering can take steps to reduce the worst offending processes one at a time and provide a real dollar value to calculate ROI on improvements made.

One of the easiest methods for realizing energy savings is to replace standard motor starters with VFD controlled motors. Already have VFDs? Check out Mitsubishi’s line of VFDs that use real-time, optimized excitation control. These VFDs monitor the actual load and adjust the voltage and current output in real time rather than using a predetermined load curve. This provides up to a 30% energy savings over most other VFD vendors.