Playing it safe, always

The need for machine safety shouldn’t be a question. From the device layer to the control layer, Mitsubishi Electric seeks to provide safety across all levels of automation by conforming to international standards such as ISO12100, ISO14121, ISO13849-1 and IEC61508. We are committed to ensuring safety in material handling facilities around the world.

We also deliver the MELSEC-QS Safety programmable controller. It’s based on the world-leading technology of the established MELSEC-Q Series Automation Platform. This solution conforms to international safety standards and maintains compatibility with other MELSEC programmable controllers while providing a comprehensive safety control solution.

Throughout our product line, we provide a total safety solution by incorporating safety control devices, safety drive devices and safety components. The result is a better, safer working environment, greater compliance and avoidance of additional maintenance costs or possible shutdowns.