No load we can’t handle

Material handling applications must be flexible because the materials being handled can be unpredictable. That’s why Mitsubishi Electric delivers technology that’s flexible enough to adapt to varying shapes and sizes with speed and precision.

We provide an integrated automation platform that interfaces with conveyors, weighing machines, scanners and more. Easily integrate RFID/barcode readers by using the serial interface on the iQ Series. And through the GOT1000 HMI, you gain real-time online control of conveyors. With this level of cohesion, you can ensure all items, no matter their load, are delivered to the right place.

For high-speed insertion, you can rely on SSCNETIII/H. Because it’s a multi-drop servo network, you can add additional axes to insertion machines. You can add an extra motion CPU, giving you up to 96 axes from just one PLC rack. As your customers’ requirements grow, so too can your machines.